BE Events Presents Its Second Annual Art Gala

Featured Performers 


Michaela Charter

MYXX, is a Poughkeepsie born artist who found her love for singing at an extraordinarily young age. This singer and songwriter, has been determined to let her voice be heard through the significance of music. Her first album, Myx’d Emotions, displayed her vulnerability and passion for the love of music. 




Talent is a Poughkeepsie based multi-hyphenate performer and conscious music artist. His art explores the intersections of self love, spirituality, blackness, and truth; while fusing, bending and blending genres together to create a sound that is warm, soulful, and inspiring. 




Isaiah Soto

Isaiah Soto, goes by Uno the one and only. He is in the army reserves however his civilan job is in hvac and plumbing. His passion is in music and hopes one day he can be heard by the world. He doesn't curse or glorify anything negative into his music. Isaiah just talks about his life experiences, heartbreak, self discovery, redemption. Everything he speaks about is 100% authentic to his life and most can relate.


Lito Koqui

Lito Koqui, a young latin musician and an architect of sound as well as a representative of Hip Hop culture. Versatility of my music is spoken thru different topics such as heart break, romance, street culture, pride, racism, and business. All forms of inspiration come directly from my people, all across the globe! Pa’Lante


Michele Ondina

Michele Ondina is a 22 year old singer/ songwriter from the Hudson Valley. Her music lays over a wide spectrum anything from alternative r&b vibes, to pop punk and soul. She grew up listening to Doo-wop and rock and roll and constant moving around blessed her with the opportunity to find her love and appreciation of r&b and rap. Though she has always been a singer she found comfort and freedom in writing. The older she gets the more appreciation and love she has for her mind-space and hopes that you’re able to find the same comfort and freedom in the time you spend listening to her art.


India Ivonna

India Ivonna is an R&B recording artist, based out of the Hudson Valley. She debuted her EP “Life After Love” last year. India has a power house voice with heartfelt lyrics that resonate with anyone. She has won showcase after showcase and recently was on tour throughout the summer. India Ivonna is the next big thing and when she touches the stage it is never anything short of amazing. Stay tuned because India Ivonna is on the rise. 


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