BE Events Presents Its Second Annual Art Gala

Featured Artist 


“The best part of what I do is unearthing design needs and challenges. Finding the heart and soul of a brand or any representation of a company, idea, or person is my passion. It requires a commitment, a trip into a deep and fragile part of why one believes they exist."- Nye Lyn Tho 

About the Artist...

Nye Lyn Tho was born and raised here in Poughkeepsie New York.  After graduating from Poughkeepsie High School in 2003, she went onto attend Philadelphia University and later went onto further her career in California.  Nye Lyn Tho is a Commercial/ Conceptual Photographer that specializes in High-End creative Photography.  She specializes in Graphic Design, Photography, and a unique merge of the two.  In particular her skills include Branding such as logo design & stylized photography; 

 as well as Advertisement and Promotional work which include event and movie posters, book covers, album covers, food (promotion), and product (advertising).  Nye Lyn Tho is a reputable artist that has worked with major clients such as Uber Eats, Sephora, Vehicle SF, and Title Nine.  If Nye’s not trying to guess the sign of her subject; she’s obsessing over the composition of the shot,
the color grade of the photo, and creating sculptures out of her subjects by etching them with shadow and light."

Nye's Work

Vanessa Joy 

Vanessa Joy is a Filipina American and abstract artist. She finds inspiration in her travels, nature, and daily life in the Hudson Valley, NY. Vanessa loves to create art that evokes feelings, especially joy.

As a native New Yorker and world traveler, Vanessa draws on her environment to create abstract pieces. Vanessa was born and raised in Queens, NY.  She resided in London, UK for 10 years.  She currently lives in Mid-Hudson Valley, NY.  Each environment has contributed to her artistic style.  Her life experience has given her a unique global perspective and exposure to countless cultures, customs, trends and interests that she has encountered.

Kat Spontak 

Kat Spontak is a Hudson Valley based self portrait photographer and mixed media artist. Her work is an exploration of experiences in this world and what it means to be alive.

Austin Kadle 

Austin is an artist and educator that grew up in the Leather Stocking Region of NY. An area with absolutely nothing to do or see. Finding the everyday world mundane and tedious, he puts his time, study, and work into theology and fantasy.

Daniela Charter 

Daniela is an artist and art educator based in the Hudson valley who holds a bachelors in art education from SUNY New Paltz. Her work portrays landscapes, portraiture and abstraction.
Daniela is Interested in creating work that summons joyful and emotional responses and studies the way materials respond with each other. She believes art has an important role in childhood development and continues to refine her artistic style and technique.

Debbie Auer-Breithaupt

Debbie Auer-Breithaupt (DM Breit Art) is a 2nd career artist.  She spent 20 years in the medical field as a 1st responder and Paramedic.  After a career of listening to other people's stories, bearing witness to loss and birth, she wanted to try something new.  During the pandemic her husband bought her a paint set.  She credits her husband and that first paint set as the jumping off point for the 25+ group shows she has done since October 2021.  She currently has a solo show, "Every Painting a Story", a show of story song inspired paintings, at Taste Budd Cafe's Gallery Space, for the months of September and October 2022.

KP Devlin

After 32 years of living and working as an artist and musician in New York City, KP Devlin relocated to the Hudson Valley in 2021. His artwork has been shown in dozens of galleries across the USA, from New York, NY to Portland, OR.  "If I’m able to produce anything that approaches greatness, then I can give credit to all the great artists I’ve studied and enjoyed over the years, and of course to my parents for introducing them to me in the first place. In any case, I hope you enjoy what I do. " -KP Devlin

Brianna Charter 

Brianna Charter is a self taught artist based in the Hudson valley.  Her mediums span from acrylic, oil, and water paints on canvas.  Growing up in Poughkeepsie New York and gaining her bachelorette from Old Dominion University located in Virginia, she uses her life experiences and thoughts within her art form.  “Women are gods biggest work of art and hopefully I can portray a glimpse of that within my work.”  


Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson has been an aspiring painter and creative since high school. He graduated from SUNY Oswego in 2013 with a BFA in studio art. Having experimented with stop-motion animation and sculpture, he now works now primarily works with ink pens and oils. His acute fascination with ecology and animal biology has led him to question how we feel fear and anxiety through imagery that fills the viewer with dread and discomfort. After working in China as an English Teacher from 2018 to 2022, Zach now works at a sculpture foundry in Newburgh. 

Shawn Smith 

Shawn Smith is a Hudson valley born photographer, sculptor and poet specializing in low light and ethereal imagery. Shawn got his beginnings as a NYC street photographer and continued across America, developing a feel for capturing moody images and obscure angles. Today Shawn works with fire performers, freak shows, night markets and Apocalyptic role playing events capturing dramatic cinematic images through no flash, low light photography. Shawn lives and creates out of Beacon, NY where he manically paces between projects.  (Click the link below to learn more)

Edmund Trad 

Edmund Trad is a local artist from the Hudson Valley. Holding a BA in Art Education and an MA in Sculpture from SUNY New Paltz, Edmund has a background in the special effects industry and landscape design and is currently a 22 year Art Educator in Beacon City Schools. With a studio in the Shawangunk Valley, his work explores concepts of the human psyche, most often through sculpture, but not restricted by any particular medium.

Elizabeth Peralta

Elizabeth Peralta is a Poughkeepsie based tattoo artist with 5 plus years’ experience.  She provides her clientele with high end permanent decorative tattoos which keeps customers excited and returning for more.  Elizabeth specializes in black and grey work and is adept at working with clients to design thoughtful and original tattoos while creating a comfortable and sanitary atmosphere. Born in Brooklyn, N.Y. and raised in Poughkeepsie, she believes her life experience and artistry transforms itself into her work.  “I’m grateful I made a career doing what I love.”

Nikki Hung

Nikki Hung is an Artist/Photographer based in Poughkeepsie, NY, where she currently serves as the Gallery Director for WomensWork.Art, a small women-run art gallery space focusing on exhibiting the works of women and other marginalized contemporary artists. Her photography subjects range from Cemeteries to abandoned locations, and to eerie landscapes. 


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